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  • Round Deerskin Velvet Pet Bed Cushion

Round Deerskin Velvet Pet Bed Cushion

This Round Deerskin Velvet Pet Bed Cushion are designed for dogs/cats who love to curl up. Longer and thicker deerskin velvet feels like mommy's hug, providing our friends with a secure feeling and giving them a comfy sleeping environment.
Attractive natural color will complement any room in your house like a piece of nice pet furniture rather than a single dog bed. This pet round bed is soft trim on the inside, donut shape with warm plush, surrounding bolster to support our friends' head and deerskin velvet. It is absolutely a good supporter of our friends' head, neck and body.
Our pet bed can completely machine washable, but we usually recommend hand washing. Machine wash, gentle cycle. Tumble dry and low heat. It is important that the bed is thoroughly dried in dryer directly after washing and do not Air dry.
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  • Item No. 220052 Product Category: Climbing toy
    Brand HUAMAO Product Size: 60*60*22cm
    Color: Customizable Material: Plush + sisal
    Main selling point(Note):

    ①Double-filled cotton thicker

    ②Exquisite routing, no deformation

    ③Deerskin velvet, plush, flannel, crystal velvet fabric does not shed hair

    ④Comfortable and soft, filled with PP cotton

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