Only the best for your loving pet

Huamao advocates the business philosophy of "great pets, one family", zeze is derived from the "tsk" homophony when calling for pets. With the rapid development of pet consumption and the aging, childhood, and companionship of pet owners, pet furniture is no longer a simple toy for pets.

Designed and carefully crafted. The materials used are safe and environmentally friendly, scientific in structure, comfortable and durable. It satisfies the nature of pets and becomes a household component, a pet toy that integrates with the style and decoration of the family. It is the business goal and management that Huamao has been pursuing idea.

At present, nine series of products including "Scandi Nordic", "Animal Kingdom", and "Pet Sharing" have been released successively, involving multiple online sales platforms such as Tmall,, Taobao, 1688, and covering more than 300 offline stores. In 2018, the cumulative online sales exceeded 30 million, and it was selected to open a Tmall overseas flagship store, which was well received by millions of buyers.

We hope that you and it will be treated tenderly, and we are eager to see your time in harmony!