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  • Printed Pattern Plush + Sisal Pet Carriers Bag

Printed Pattern Plush + Sisal Pet Carriers Bag

Pet travel carrier bags are designed to meet the needs of your pet's needs when traveling in the luggage compartment of a plane or truck. The purpose of these pet carriers bags is to give your pet the comfort and security they need while they're on the road. Printed logo and pattern is available.
    1. Easy entry and exit, breathable and cool
    2. Multi-faceted ventilated and ventilated multi-faceted ventilated and breathable mesh design allows you to breathe freely,
    3. Polymer nylon casting structure, strong and durable, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, weather-resistant, flexible and elastic, breathable and comfortable
    4.Side opening design, large space is convenient for pets to travel independently, open vision is no longer restricted, and it is convenient to interact with pets
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      Product Category: Climbing toy
      Brand HUAMAO Product Size: 41*22*27cm
      Color: Customizable Material: Plush + sisal
      Main selling point(Note):

      ①Specially designed viewing openings for pets It is convenient for pets to observe the surrounding area without being dull

      ②Smooth zipper,Convenient and practical

      ③ Anti-scratch fabric material, comfortable and breathable

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