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  • Grey Square Breathable Pet Bed Cushion

Grey Square Breathable Pet Bed Cushion

The cozy Grey Square Breathable Pet Bed Cushion is Perfect for cats, small dogs and other pets.
Our cozy high resilience beds treat your furry friend to the best! By providing warmth and a sense of security (with its high walls), each square bed promotes more restful sleep, supporting better health and behavior.
Made with only premium pet-safe materials, you’ll rest assured knowing our pet beds are completely non-toxic! The water-resistant bottom, not only protects floors, but because these beds are machine washable and dryer-safe, excess hair and odors are a problem of the past.
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  • Item No. 220050 Product Category: Climbing toy
    Brand HUAMAO Product Size: 50*50*25cm
    Color: Customizable Material: Plush + sisal
    Main selling point(Note):

    ①Double-filled cotton thicker

    ②Exquisite routing, no deformation

    ③Deerskin velvet, plush, flannel, crystal velvet fabric does not shed hair

    ④Comfortable and soft, filled with PP cotton

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