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  • MDF Inclined Cat Scratching Post Platform

MDF Inclined Cat Scratching Post Platform

1.Scratching posts are fully wrapped in Medium Density Fiberboard, which cats prefer as a scratching surface to help keep their nails healthy. Scratching mats are made with Medium Density Fiberboard.
2.Hemp rope column the pillar part of the cat climbing frame is usually wrapped with natural sisal white brown rope. Since it is processed from wild agave that smells like cat grass, cats especially like to use this kind of hemp rope. Grind the claws, which protects the furniture in the home to a certain extent.
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  • Item No. 121056 Product Category: Climbing toy
    Brand HUAMAO Product Size: 45*45*44.5cm
    Color: Customizable Material: Plush + sisal
    Main selling point(Note):

    ①The original ecological plant shape
    ②The solid wood connection is more stable and returns to nature, the solid wood connection of Cat Tree House, integrated double reinforcement
    ③Integral type/quality upgrade
    ④Small area, large space, one-piece mechanical structure, increased use of space for claw grinding, high-end fashion

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