How to choose the right pet nest for cats?

Update:12 Oct 2020

Principle 1: The cat litter should be suitable for the cat's own characteristics.
Young, sick cats or breastfeeding cat mothers should choose some semi-enclosed cat litters; some kittens born in the summer are about to spend the first cold winter of their lives. If the heating in the home is not good If you are reassuring, you must choose cat litters that protect them from the wind and keep warm. Those on the market are made of cotton in the shape of small houses or cat heads. This type of cat litter usually has only a small hole as an exit, which is naturally a good place for cats to hide.
Principle 2: Choose cat litters of different materials in different seasons.
The spring and autumn seasons can be selected entirely according to the preferences of the owner and the cat, whether it is made of straw, rattan, cotton pads or other forms; bedding in winter, good warmth is naturally the first choice; heat dissipation in summer is more important. Due to the extreme heat, the cat had to fall down wherever he could, lying on the floor, completely disregarding his elegant image. At this time, the heat dissipation function of the bed is very important. The gap of the rattan basket is larger than that of the woven straw, and the air permeability and heat dissipation are relatively strong, so this cat litter is the best choice for cats in summer.