Notice on Approval and Issuance of "Pin Word Mark" Group Standard "Cat Climbing Frame"

Update:10 Jan 2022

Taizhou Huamao Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience and strength in the design, development, innovation and development of pet furniture (especially cat climbing frames) since its establishment. It is one of the few domestic cat climbing frame products. One of the manufacturers with higher production scale, production capacity and innovation ability. The company's flagship product "Cat Climbing Frame" is the singles champion in the industry.

On November 6, 2020, the "Cat Climbing Frame" standard drafted by Taizhou Huamao Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. was approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Brand Construction Federation as the group standard of "Pin Character Mark" made in Zhejiang. The number is T/ZZB 1809-2020, which will be implemented from November 30, 2020.

With the release and implementation of the group standard, it has filled the blank of non-standard cat climbing frame products in the domestic pet home market, and met the higher requirements for the technology and quality of cat climbing frame products under the new market economic situation.

At the same time, it also reflects the mission and responsibility of our company, improves the market competitiveness of the company's products, and leads the industry's manufacturing standards for similar products.

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