What are the main selling points of pet bags?

Update:12 Oct 2020

1.Multi-layer platformNo matter what type of cat climbing frame, one thing is indispensable-platform. The advantage of the platform is that it allows cats to rest without obstacles. Regardless of the size and weight of the baby at home, they can basically sleep peacefully on the platform, without worrying about the cat rolling and falling off the platform during sleep. The platform material is mostly high-quality board, and is equipped with environmentally friendly plush without any chemical stimulation. The wool is beautiful and smooth in color, full of flexibility, and easy to clean.

2.Hole cat litterThe cat litter of the cat climbing frame is generally a hole-shaped design, which is very suitable for cats who like a sense of security. Whether it is a cat litter with two sides or a tree hole, cats like it. In the daytime, it is quiet, dark and hidden in the hole-shaped cat litter. It is best to sleep in it.

3.Hemp rope columnThe pillar part of the cat climbing frame is usually wrapped with natural sisal white brown rope. Since it is processed from wild agave that smells like cat grass, cats especially like to use this kind of hemp rope. Grind the claws, which protects the furniture in the home to a certain extent.