The word mark of Zhejiang manufactures, the quality of the world sees Huamao

Update:10 Jan 2022

On December 28, 2021, Taizhou Huamao Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. received the "Zhejiang Manufacturing Word Mark" certificate. As the first enterprise in the industry to successfully pass the "Made in Zhejiang" certification, it has become a regional brand in Zhejiang's advanced manufacturing industry. After more than 20 years of history, Huamao has been branded with the label of "Made in Zhejiang".

As we move from the "Quality Era" to the "Brand Era" and realize consumption upgrades in various fields, we are transforming from "China Speed" to "Chinese Quality", setting a "benchmark" for industry manufacturing, and building our own brand building. The top priority of the industry.

The "Pin word mark" standard requires that the key technical indicators of the product must be superior to the domestic and even international industry standards. The "Pin" word mark represents that the brand stands at the forefront of the industry. There are only enterprises at the top of the industry pyramid and high-quality products. , In order to win the crown of "Pin Zi Biao".

Taizhou Huamao has always adhered to the road of product innovation and development for more than 20 years. The word mark of the certification "product" is "Multilayer Cat Climbing Frame and Animal Cat Climbing Frame", a total of two units and 7 products" are all representative products of the company It is also a valuable result of the company's R&D team's in-depth innovation and independent research and development.

As of January 2022, Taizhou Huamao has held 66 patents, 96 trademarks, 1 corporate standard, and 3 corporate standards. It is a "Zhejiang Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise" and its own brand huamao is a "Zhejiang Famous Export Brand". , It is also the first enterprise in the industry to obtain the “Product” mark of “Made in Zhejiang”.

Obtaining the "Zhejiang Manufacturing Word Mark" certification is a high affirmation of the quality construction achievements of Taizhou Huamao in the past 20 years. It is not only a brand honor, but also a development responsibility and mission. Huamao always regards technological research and development and product innovation as the core competitiveness of the company, continuously improving product quality, and doing its best to meet the needs of the market and customers.

Chairman Chen Lingfei said: "In the future, as an industry leader, Huamao pet household products will take the opportunity of "Zhejiang Manufacturing" as an opportunity to carry the industry flag and continue to explore new paths for the development of the pet household manufacturing industry. The new business card made is delivered to the world!"

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