How to clean the cat litter?

Update:12 Oct 2020

1. Hair cleaning
Cats are relatively fond of shed hair, so you should pay attention to clean up the hair in the cat litter and burn it.
2. Antivirus
The cat litter editor suggests that if you have the conditions, you can use a baking machine or the like for baking every week, which can kill the mites in the cat litter.
3. Cleaning
The editor of the soft pad inside the cat litter recommends cleaning it every three days to keep the cat litter clean and avoid the growth of bacteria.
4. Off the ground
It is recommended that if you set up a cat litter for your cat, you must keep it off the ground to avoid the cold on the ground and make your cat uncomfortable.
5. Keep it dry
Cats like clean and warm relief, so the cat litter must be kept dry and not set in a humid place, so the cat does not like to sleep.
6.has sunshine
Cats like to bask in the sun. It is recommended that you set up a cat litter where there is daily sun exposure, which can also play a role in sterilization.