How to choose suitable daily necessities for cats?

Update:16 Oct 2020

1. Cat litter box. The litter box is also the cat toilet. This is a must, otherwise the cat’s ability to bury the poop will not be able to display~ There are more traditional completely open litter boxes, as well as bucket-shaped, closed, semi-closed, and There are many types. Choosing the size of the litter box is the first thing to do. The second thing you should pay attention to is the ventilation, because the cat pulls the baba inside. If the ventilation is not good, the smell inside will naturally not smell.
2. Cat bowl. There are two cat bowls connected together in the market. Many pet owners will hold drinking water on one side and put cat food on the other. This is not recommended, because it is easy for cats to develop the awareness and habit of drinking water only during meals. , The cat food bowl and water bowl should be placed separately. A mobile pet water dispenser can be prepared indoors so that cats can drink water at any time; if you have selected a cat bowl that is connected together, you can place cat food on one side and a little bit on the other Snacks.
3. Cat litter. Although cats are liquid animals, they can fall asleep anywhere, but it is best to prepare a comfortable nest for the cat to increase the cat's sense of security. It can be a cat nest surrounded by warm cushions, or a safe and comfortable hammock. Some cat litters have many accessories and look gorgeous, but it is not recommended to choose them. The cat litters are still mainly comfortable.
4. Toys. It is not enough to meet the cat’s basic needs. If you want your cat to be more happy and relaxed, you need to prepare cat toys. Ball toys can stimulate your cat’s desire to hunt. The cat can keep chasing and playing. The pet owner can also interact with the cat and make the cat play. That’s the most common cat cat stick. It’s best not to make cat cat sticks with feathers. It is easy to cause cats to swallow. In addition, toys should be put away in time and taken out when playing to increase the fun and freshness of cat’s play. , If the cat is always thrown aside, the cat will not be so interested, and when the cat is playing by himself, the pet owner is not around to ensure the cat’s safety. If the cat bites the toy and eats some parts by mistake, it will be bad. .