Modern Cat Furniture Gets closer to Home

Update:14 Oct 2021
The retail world today has a huge array of cat furniture items available. Everything is possible! But cat furniture mostly is mainly meant to please the pet-owner, who is always guaranteed that every new piece bought will fit the ambience in the house. For this reason, it has become important for cat-owners to be well-informed about the many choices of cat furniture. A common-sense approach is all that's needed when dealing with any furniture item for your cat.
One of the most common furniture pieces used by cat owners is the cat tree or cat perch. The usual shape of this piece consists of a rectangular piece supported by four short legs on which the base is affixed. Cat trees are usually placed in the living room or dining room of the house, where they can serve as an additional decoration and as a place to allow one to sit and interact with his cat.
Another common type of cat furniture is the scratching furniture or cat scratching post. This piece is meant for keeping your feline free from scratch posts. Cats scratch post can also be used to offer some degree of comfort to your feline in case he scratches the furniture of his own room. Cat scratching furniture comes in many shapes and sizes, and there is something for every feline personality.
One of the latest additions to the cat furniture are cat tunnels. These pieces resemble mini doorways and are affixed to the wall by a plastic stick. They allow the owners to keep their pets outside without having to put up with the results of the elements. Like the cat tree, cat tunnels come in various shapes and sizes and are affixed to walls. Cat tunnels are also meant to provide convenience for the owners. For instance, there is a piece that houses six removable plastic flaps that can be used as a scratching post.
Other cat furniture items include pet towers. Pet towers allow you to get a closer look at your pets as they play or rest on their scratching posts or perch toys. The cat tower can even contain a small bed, allowing your feline to have some form of personal space during the day. A popular choice among owners is a cat loft, which can keep your kitty off the floor and away from dangerous objects that can cause injuries.
The trend in modern cat furniture is toward pieces that are mechanized. A popular item in this category is the cat side table. This piece comes with a remote control that allows you to raise and lower its height according to how your cat will use it. The remote can also be used to turn the table horizontally, which means you don't have to get up to adjust its height.