It’s not enough just to dry the pet bed mat, it needs to be disinfected

Update:23 Aug 2021
Pets are our family. For those who love pets, there is nothing wrong with this. Just like caring for a little baby, pet owners will always think about buying various toys, cans, clothes, etc. for their pets. However, even real parents who take care of their children will have omissions. Not to mention the pet owner!
For pets, the pet nest is a very important place, not only a place where they sleep every day, but also a small home for them, a place where they can trust and feel safe. As hosts, how can we not pay special attention to such a place!
Many owners of pet nests simply remove floating hair and bask in the sun, but this is far from enough. Inadequate cleaning of the nest pads is an important cause of many skin diseases such as pet eczema, dermatitis, and mites.
Take a look at the correct way to clean the pads below, compare yourself, have you done it?

1. Clean up the floating hair on the pet's nest
It is very common for cats and dogs to shed and moult. The floor of the house should be cleaned up in time, and the pet's nest should not be ignored. When cleaning, first use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the participating hair and dander to facilitate subsequent cleaning.
2. Cleaning and disinfection
Pet nests need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Many people know that but can’t do it. First, they don’t want to use the washing machine at home to avoid cross-infection. Second, they are really not sure about the specific disinfection methods.
It is recommended to wash pets’ nest pads by hand. You can add a little pet disinfectant or dog-specific bathing fluid. After hand washing, hang to dry. It is best to dry in sunny weather and let the sun fully disinfect. However, the sun's disinfection effect is limited. It is recommended to spray with professional pet disinfectant after drying, which will be more assured.
In addition to these, don’t forget to disinfect pet toys. The way to configure disinfectant and wipe wipes is too cumbersome. A simple and efficient way is recommended: wipe the surface of pet toys with disinfectant wipes, and then simply rinse with water. Carligin quaternary ammonium salt disinfecting wipes, the disinfecting ingredients are safe and gentle, with little irritation, which is very suitable for household disinfection.