A Versatile Mattress For Your Cat

Update:29 Nov 2021
TheraBed Electric Pet Cushion, just like any other dog beds are the best for long-lasting pet cushion, comfort, and support. They have many unique features that set them apart from other pet beds. They provide support and maximum comfort to your dogs as they sleep, and they are easy to clean and care for. They are made of advanced micro fibers that are stain and water resistant.

The TheraBed Heated Pet Cushion is designed with an orthopedic rubberized surface that is heat and moisture resistant. The flat heater pad has an adjustable thermostat for even heating throughout the entire surface area, which means your pets can be cooled or heated according to how they're feeling. This is important because some breeds need to be warmed up faster than others. The thermostat can be locked so that only the owners and pets can change the temperature settings.

The TheraBed Heated Pet Cushion has an adjustable footrest for comfort, and the orthopedic foam has been treated to resist odors and bacteria. It is machine washable and lightweight so it is easy to transport and store, and the flat heater pad easily turns off for added convenience. One of the unique features of this cushion is that it is machine made, making it safe for dogs of all sizes, and a quality item that won't need replacing for several years. This is definitely one of the best qualities of this Cushion.

A unique feature of the TheraBed Heated Pet Bed is that it is an ideal pet bed for older cats. The foam mattress has been treated with chemicals that repel dust mites, and it also offers some added therapeutic benefits. Cats find it very comfortable to curl up and sleep in this comfortable fleece cover. The patented Pet Safeze technology helps pets stay cool during warm seasons and heat up in cold seasons.

If you are looking for a pet that is strong, durable and long-lasting, then the TheraBed Heated Pet Crate Mat is just what you need. This foam mattress functions like an air mattress, with its Thermo Dry property. This makes it perfect for older cats. The mat is washable and lightweight, and it can be replaced without having to buy a new cover. In addition, the durable nylon outer material makes it a great choice.

The PetCushion, along with the matching gray couch pet collection, make a beautiful and attractive addition to any home. The company has developed a reputation as a leader in the pet product market, and that reputation is reflected in these fantastic products. These products will help you bring your cat or dog to a healthy and safe place, where he or she will feel very relaxed and secure. So if you are ready to take your pet to a new level of relaxation and stimulation, then check out the PetCushion and the other great products from PetMate.