Cats like to sleep in these places, and the bed of the shoveling officer is the first choice!

Update:05 Mar 2021
As long as the pet owner who has raised a cat knows that it can fall asleep anywhere. The cat can sleep very soundly whether it is somewhere in the house or being held when going out. They also snore quietly when they sleep, which makes pet owners feel very cute. And cats sleep in different places. They pay great attention to the quality of their sleep. Careful pet owners will find that their cats like to sleep next to themselves. There are a few places in the home that cats like most, so the pet owner can pay attention to them if they can't find the cat in the future.

1. Behind the sofa cushion
Sometimes pet owners will find that their cat seems to be missing when they come home from get off work. I searched the house a few times anxiously, and cried when I went outside to look for it. But found the cat in the corner of the sofa stretched lazily, looking confused. The pet owner is dumbfounded. The cat originally from the house still likes to sleep here. The sofa cushion is one of the warmest places in the home, which can make the cat fall asleep faster. And cats are born with a protective state when they sleep, they will cover their heads. The cushion is more comfortable, so pet owners can clean the cushion more.
2. The chair that the pet owner often sits on
If the chair in the study is that kind of soft, then congratulations to the shovel officer. Now the chair doesn't belong to you anymore. This is the exclusive seat for cats to sleep. At this time, the pet owner is very late, and he obviously makes a cushion for the cat himself, which is more comfortable than this. Why doesn't the cat go to sleep on the mat, but always jump on the chair to grab it. In fact, it's the taste of pet owners who are influencing them. They prefer chairs. Therefore, before sitting on the chair, the pet owner can use tape to dip the cat's hair on it.
3. Shoebox or wardrobe
In the eyes of the shit shovel officer, cats are not solid or liquid. Give them a box and they can squeeze in. This seems to have become a play habit of cats. As long as they see the box, they want to get in and lie down. Therefore, the shoeboxes placed at home are also very likely to be the sleeping places of cats, especially after they sleep drowsy. Pet owners can't find it even more, because they don't respond at all. The closet is also a place where cats love to drill. As for how it squeezed in, it is not clear. A magical cat will always do some amazing things.
Fourth, the shovel officer's bed
Whenever the pet owner leaves the house, the bed belongs to the cat. They will run over directly, and after a frantic play on it, they will sleep contentedly. This is because the bed has a big smell from the pet owner. This is what they are very obsessed with, and they also like to sleep next to their pets. They will sleep more sweetly, so don't refuse pet owners. Faced with such cute cats, who can bear to blame them?