Cat Scratching Post - Why Scratching Posts Are So Important

Update:30 Jun 2021
A cat scratching post is simply a wooden board covered with felt or soft material that cat owners give to their pets so that they have an appropriate place to scratch at. Cats naturally have a natural instinct to scratch - the act helps them get rid of old scrap from their nails, and they also mark their territory with scent glands on their feet. Scratching posts come in a variety of materials including wood, metal, plastic, wicker, or even plant fiber. Many owners use wood because it's easy to clean and offers some protection for their cat's nails. They can also be used outdoors.
When buying pet scratching posts, choose one that's durable enough to withstand cats' claws. Plastic offers the least amount of resistance. If you buy plastic posts, make sure that they also have non-slip treads, especially if your cats are going to be outside most of the time. Wicker offers the most flexibility. Look for ones with a hard plastic insert so that they'll stand up to high-traffic areas like garages or decks without getting damaged.
Your cat scratching post has to be sturdy enough to withstand your pets' claws. If you can, get ones made of teak or maple wood, which are very durable. You don't want your cat to destroy the post, so consider also purchasing a padded underneath pad. Some cats love to dig into the padding to stretch out.
You can find cat scratching posts come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are made to be hung while others can be put on a stand. You can also purchase them in several different wood grains such as oak, mahogany or pine. If you're concerned about your cats' nails eventually being too long, opt for ones made of acrylic or vinyl.
Depending on where you live, your cats outdoor activities can vary a lot. In the winter months, your feline friend will need to take advantage of all of those long winter nights and day hours. They'll need extra warmth from a cat scratching post. As a matter of fact, when it comes to scratching posts, the more high-traffic the area is, the more likely your feline friend will need one. That's because when it's dark outside, all kinds of animals spend more time out looking for things to scratch.
When shopping for a scratch, think about getting a durable one with a hard plastic insert that won't dent or scratch your furniture. Make sure the sisal rope inside is strong and durable too. The point is to get a strong tool that can stand up to your cat's claws. By doing some research, you should end up with the best cat scratcher around.