A Guide to Buying Cat Furniture

Update:18 Sep 2021
Various kinds of cat furniture are ideal additions to any house with a pet cat. They offer fun and comforting spaces for kitty's daylong naps, and they can redirect natural destructive but rewarding behavioral patterns such as scratching. If you're shopping for some cat-oriented furniture for your house, here's a couple of must-haves and a couple of extras.
A cat tower provides the perfect place for your pet to sleep, resting up high from the floor. Some cat beds even come with a built-in cat perch for those quiet evenings spent on the couch or bed. There are many different styles and sizes of cat towers, from large fluffy pieces that serve as an entire bed and sleeping area to simpler, tiniest ones that are useful for keeping your kitty off furniture or other surfaces. A cat tower is a great place for kitty to climb into when it's done scratching and is an ideal place for them to display their beauty and regal disposition. Whatever style or size you choose, a cat tower will provide a fun, safe place for kitty to stay when it's not bothering furniture or other surfaces.
The cat perch is another essential piece of cat furniture. As the name implies, this small square piece of cat furniture is designed to fit underneath most upholstered or carpeted areas. Many pet lovers purchase cat furniture with a built-in cushion so they'll have a soft, cushy place for their cat to rest when it's done being pesky. These cushions make an excellent addition to your cat's current home, or even at the new home you buy. Cats enjoy the extra softness a cushion gives and will use it often delight in rolling it back and forth under their favorite kitty bed.
For an added touch of cat perfection, many cat owners add high scratching posts to their cat's cat furniture. Scratching posts give cats an extra place to scratch when they need to romp around on high places, but cats who use these scratching posts also benefit from using the posts as a place to display their beautiful claws. Scratching posts are often made out of sturdy wood or metal to withstand high, nail-sucking paws.
One last piece of cat furniture to give your kitty is a cat condo. Although a cat condo is usually only used by indoor cats, it is still a great idea to give your kitty a place to call his own. Cat condos are like cat beds but with much better support and padding. The best modern condos have special nesting boxes where your cat can curl up and lay his or her head while waiting for you to come home. These condos are perfect for cats who like to spend their time in the open and to those who would prefer a more sedate environment.
No matter which type of cat furniture you decide is best suited for your cat family, the important thing is that you choose the cat furniture that is best suited for the lifestyle and personality of your feline friend. Cat furniture is no longer just about fluffy pillows and matching beds. Now, cat furniture covers are available in many different shapes, styles and materials to fit your feline friend's unique needs. When shopping for the best modern cat furniture, be sure to look for materials that are as hard-wearing as possible. You do not want to provide your cat with any type of stress or injury and you certainly don't want your cat getting sick from the material of his or her furniture.