A DIY Cat Scratching Board May Is The Best Way To Scratch

Update:16 Jul 2021
Scratching posts are great for keeping your cat's nails in shape. Most cats enjoy scratching so if you have one of these boards around the house, it will help them keep their claws in great shape. Most of the scratching posts you see around the house are stationary and are made out of wood. These are great for use indoors but if you want to provide a scratching post outside, there are many different types of outdoor scratching posts to choose from.
One type of outdoor cat scratching board that is very popular is the wood glue planks. Wood glue planks are relatively inexpensive and they come in a wide variety of sizes. Some of the larger plans offer four posts while others only offer two. You can purchase these planks in many different wood stains as well as various thicknesses of paint. Typically, you can find these planks in medium, fine, and extra thick.
Another great option that you can add to your cat scratching board is sisal rope. You can purchase sisal rope in several different grades. The higher the grade, the harder the sisal rope is. There are many stores that carry sisal rope in various colors so if you do not like the color you can always order a special order.
If you are trying to provide a scratching board without the hassle of glue, you might consider purchasing catnip. This is a natural alternative to wood glue that works especially well with aromatic scents such as lavender, jasmine, or neroli. You can purchase catnip in various locations including craft stores and you can also find kits that include everything you need to create your own catnip nest. Many people who enjoy relaxing on their patio or deck to enjoy putting together a catnip plant kit that includes the natural material as well as the plant and sisal rope planks.
If you have no use for DIY cat scratcher board, you may still want to use it. You can find wood boards at craft stores and online. The best part about wood is that it holds up well against the elements. If your home gets windy, it does not rust. You can purchase many different sized wooden planks in various wood stains that will allow you to create an Oriental or southwestern feel to your patio or deck.
One of the nice features about using a DIY cat scratcher is that you can make it look very professional. Most woodworking projects involve some sort of a sawing motion, which adds a rustic appearance. You can accomplish a similar effect when using sisal rope instead of glue. You can also purchase a DIY sisal rope and cat scratcher board and then simply attach it to your cat scratching board. Either way, your furniture will be truly unique and you will enjoy using it every day.