A Cat Post Can Be a Great Investment For Your Feline

Update:23 Jan 2021
A cat post is an artificially constructed structure for your cat to rest, exercise, play and relax in. These structures are typically made of plastic or wood and can be found online or at local pet stores. Many people get these for their cats with the intention of providing them with an additional cat house or scratching post as they cannot always provide enough cat beds and sleeping areas for them. However, these posts do more than just help your cat have a place to rest; they can actually save you a lot of money over time.
A cat tree will not only help you save on vet bills because it will prevent you from having to buy expensive bedding, cat trees also keep your cat safer. Your pet's climbing heights will prevent them from being injured if they happen to bump into things such as curtains and furniture. Cat trees are sturdy enough to hold your pet's weight and help prevent accidents from occurring.
You might think that your feline can climb onto any flat surface with ease but this is not the case. Cats are very clever animals and know how to use their bodies to climb and manipulate whatever is in their way. However, the truth is that cats require different climbing techniques depending on the activity. This means that not all cat trees will be suitable for each activity. Some of the most popular climbing techniques include hanging and free-standing.
A cat tree has two platforms, which are secured to the side of the unit. The lower platform is usually about 18 inches wide and extends out about four feet from the ground. This platform can be made from a number of materials including sturdy wood and durable plastic. Most cat trees are solid wood so that your kitty is kept safe from dangers such as splinters and nails. Solid wood is also a safer alternative to using cat furniture pieces such as cat towers.
A cat tree is much more than just a platform for your cat to jump and play on though. It offers your cat some great opportunities to exercise both their physical and mental skills. Climbing offers your kitty the opportunity to stretch and strengthen their muscles, which in turn makes them stronger overall. In fact, many cat owners state that they see their cats become more active after climbing one of their cat trees.
When it comes to climbing a cat tree, it is important that you do this safely. There are a number of steps you can take to prevent your feline from getting injured. For instance, always make sure you use a sturdy ladder and keep your distance from the tree. You should also never allow your cat to climb alone or without supervision as they are much more susceptible to accidents if they venture too far from you.
There are plenty of cat trees available to purchase these days. Before you go shopping though, you should try to determine the reasons why your cat would want to climb a tree. Some common reasons are that they like to watch the stars at night, want to build their confidence, exercise their physical capabilities, improve their listening skills, practice climbing skills, or because they simply adore spending time outdoors. Cat trees are an excellent way to provide your pets with the outdoor adventures they crave. Just be sure you choose one that is built well, has safety measures, and has durable materials.
If you don't have a cat tree and are looking for a high pitched sound that will enable your cat to let you know they are seeking out activity, then you might want to consider purchasing a sisal cat tree. Made from thick, strong sisal rope, these cat toys have little pads built right into the ends which provide great comfort to your furry friend. Unlike other types of cat trees that have nails built in, sisal pads simply have little strips of sisal rope attached to them, which makes it easier for your cat to climb and slip between those pads.